connect to router but not internet

ok guys so my mom has a rather old laptop about 7(ish) yrs old, Dell Inspiron laptop with windows vista. I can get the thing to connect to our router but no the internet. All of the other computers in the house are able to connect to the Internet through the same router.
things ive tried : cmd → ping (got a response with 32 bytes and in 34 ms TIL=54) pretty normal

cmd → ping .com (recieved repy in 430ms 0% packet loss and roundtrip total was 414 ms) pretty normal

next I tried changing the internet protocol version 4 to obtain a DNS maually (did not work)

** special thing to note this is a vista machine so it should have winsoc

any advice please reply or message me on mumble thanks!

Hey Dingus, just some things to poke thru and see, maybe one may help,

Flush your DNS…

Winsoc Reset…

Reset of Vista Network Settings…

i owe u a beer man u fixed my the problem

Rock on Dingus, that just made MY day, so glad I could help. :smiley: