Congratulations to ADI!

We are now over ONE THOUSAND Strong!

Congratulations to our ORG creator, Directors, and especially to our Recruiters ( who volunteered their free time to review, filter and assist each and every one of us )!

Over One Thousand of us… and it’s not just about our numbers, it’s also about our quality & training ; and this ( us ) I would put against 10,000 of THEM!

It’s going to be… glorious!

Congratulations ADI :exclamation: I’m proud to be a Member :exclamation:

Thank you everyone for your contributions to the org

lol wtf how did i not see this?

Well… it is exciting news, I’m just glad we’re all here to see it! :smiley:

Yes congrats 1,000 members.

I don’t tire of saying great job…great job everyone;)

Woo Hoo, 1000!!!