concern about events and trainings on the calendar.

ok maybe someone could have pointed this out, but this is my personal feeling on the biggest issue i’ve found so far after joining ADI, it is the timezones, i’m currently living in japan, wich means that the time when the events is held, 3:00 pm CENTRAL, for me means 5:00 AM (+14 hours ahead) so when i enter mumble, i can understand everyone is sleeping in the Idle channel haha, but then it surfaces a issue, seems only a few few people from this part of the world is active, so i’ve not been able to integrate well with the community here, and i feel more like a stranded dog in an unknown place, mostly because my spoken english isn’t good enough (if there were another japanese speaker… haha, or spanish, my mother lang (i’m from Mexico, as some of you may know))
i cant explain it correctly, its like feeling you dont fit in the community space yet, so i’ve tried to get more into mumble (with a new nickname variation, the server rejects me saying my password (?) is incorrect when i enter my original nick, but meh the change was minimal i can suvive with that.) but the problem is almost noone is out of Idle (wich, again, i understand why) but i’ve been wanting to get more into this org and get on the task (like participating in trainings, get up in the ranks, coop for getting org new ships, things like community involving, because i’m a team player)

well i’ve talked much around, again this is just my own thoughts on how i feel around adi, and i’m not abandong the org because i feel i can fit and enjoy the game in here, at some point people from this part of the world will join so it’s just wait time i guess.

We are starting to do a “European flight night” which pretty much is for those who cannot play on the “normal flight night” which is for the US time zone.

The US flight night is 10:00 am for you Saturday. EU flight night is 3:00 am for you Friday.

Flight nights are indeed a matter of activity. We used to have EU flight nights a year back but they were put to stop due to the lack of participants. Now we are starting EU flight nights again, because we have a lot of participants. Far East time zone is the third and last time zone area in which we don’t have a flight night. We should do a attendance check for Australia and Far East area if we have enough activity there and skilled flight trainers there.

EDIT: We do have a handful of Japanese if I recall correctly? And some people from South America.
EDIT2: I can talk you judo throws and techniques in Japanese if that makes you less home sick :smiley:. Sode tsurikomi koshi, ippon!

I think Asia has a bigger problem then Europe when its about people joining international orgs. Most non English rather join a local org. That being said i hope we attracted maybe more aussies and new zealanders.

One advise i can give you is look at the roster and see who is in the far east. Or ask one of the directors/board members if they can give you names you can in contact with so that you can play Star citizen with them.

I hope i gave you enough information.


I’d give it time, we’re still growing. As the org gets bigger more and more people from Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will join the org, and then activity will increase as well.

Fleet Security and AP&R just opened up Far East teams because we finally hit 10 players from those time zones in each division. This means we only have 25 or 30 members total from those time zones in the org today. At current growth rates this should grow to well over 100 over the next few months.

I’d recommend hanging out on mumble as much as you can, even if you’re the only one to start, other members will stop in from time to time and stay. You’ll form groups of people to interact with… This is how we have grown the European teams, and we are finally hitting critical mass there after a number of months.

If you’re having technical issues post them here and one of us will arrange a time to be on to help you resolve the problem.