Hell everyone I am ConcealedGlory. I am a fairly new backer to star citizen. I decided to back the game after seeing some gameplay of 3.0 and have been very happy with what I have seen so far and even more excited to see what comes next. Look forward to playing with all of you!

Welcome to ADI this is a great group of guys and many of them have spent as much as you, and I’m sure that a few that have spent more. So we know how that goes. if you have any questions send me a message

Welcome to ADI ConcealedGlory,

It was a pleasure to onboard you. You will find us in discord and mumble and you will get your firsts flights with us.
3.0 has more content to play so I m sure we will have fun doing some missions in the outer space.

See you soon at the bar at port olisar.

Welcome to ADI. What ships do you fly or want to fly? This is a great corp to be in, hope to see you in mumble soon.

Hello ConcealedGlory, welcome to ADI! We’re glad to have you. What type of game play are you most interested in for SC? If you have any questions concerning SC or ADI please let us know. You’re welcome to PM me here on the forums or in Discord any time if you like. Welcome to the team!

Hey ConcealedGlory. It’s great to have you with us on the team! I hope you find the things you enjoy most in Star Citizen. Any questions at all, we’re here to help each other. I hope you have a great time! Welcome!

Hi ConcealedGlory,

Nice to have met you on mumble! Great to have you onboard. Being on mumble is the quickest way to learn the game and the workarounds for alpha issues!

Bye changenl

Welcome to ADI Concealed Glory, glad to have you with us, look forward to doing some missions with you, see you in the Verse’

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, ConcealedGlory

Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.

I hope to see you in the PU mate. :slight_smile:

Hey! Welcome to the Org! But I need to to ask a question!! Why would you want to conceal glory??? Everyone deserves to have a little glory from time to time! Haha, anyway, we are happy to have you! If you have any questions, don’t be shy, ask away! We are all very friendly here, none of us bite!

Welcome ConcealedGlory! I am in the same boat as you are. Happy with that we have and excited about what is to come. We are happy to have you hear and I am looking forward to seeing you in game.