Computing on a budget you ask/Building a computer?

Here’s some great options that I would suggest if you don’t have a crap ton of money and can’t save up for a computer :stuck_out_tongue:.
Relax/Breathe/Stop Bitching/Smile, everything will be fine! Gaming is more within reach than you think. You just need to know what to look for and who to talk to.

In the starting range is $400~ … -pc-2014-0


They have some great suggestions in this range, and to be quite honest I’m almost positive Jay and I could improve upon this. This system should be able to run BF4 on high on 1080p at 30 FPS.

In the mid range is $750~ … c-dec-2014


Another great setup option as well. However, I recommend against the R9 290X. I’d run a gtx 970 for the best possible graphics settings or R9 280X if you want to save money.

Need to include peripherals? Here’s more with the $600-800 … s-feb-2015


These are great suggestions if you need to add in the mouse and keyboard. I would change a couple things personally, but otherwise great suggestions.

Money not much of an issue?
Come see Jay or myself and we can give you a great setup option that is anywhere from $750 to $2000. We’re great at building computers and know what we’re doing when looking at upgrades. We will show you what the best possible build (for decent prices) would be.

Tek Syndicate is a great channel with great content, i would also recommend people taking a look at PC perspective [url][/url] (they also have a youtube channel…just search pcper).

I’ve always used TechReport for a good sense of what to buy. Usually start with the Sweet Spot and customize from there.


Those are both good suggestions. Plenty of options to go around for budget PC building more than people realize.

For anyone interested in building a PC, I highly recommend using It’s a great resource to help you configure a new build, especially when budgeting.

Toms Hardware has always been a good source for PC builders. Every quarter they do a complete write up of gaming PC builds with High, Medium and Lower end builds ( [url][/url] ). All builds are always done with parts that are current, and their site in general is always a great place to get the latest in hardware info. :smiley: