Colonizing planets

So I’ve been trying to research more and more information with what’s to come after 3.0 or that which was maybe mentioned a few years ago by Chris Roberts and his team regarding their thoughts on colonizing planets, building space stations, virtually anything to help an organization establish its self within the verse. So far, I really haven’t found anything I was hoping for except a few 3D posts for the SC team to analyze.

Has anyone heard anything different regarding the abilities we may have as an org. in being able to colonize planets or build stations in space? I’ve provided a link below that captures one players outlook for colonization. Hopefully we’ll be able to build cities, stations etc. the way we want for our org. … 6cd15ec111


My guess is that it could happen but it will be wayyyy down the line as an expansion to the already released SC MMO. There are so many other things that need to be established, tried and tested that something like that will take a long time to be put in the game.

Of course this is only my opinion and CIG could decide to invest resources on making it happen. The problem is that they already have so many promises to fulfill that adding more now seems really silly. :slight_smile:

I believe Chris Roberts mentioned setting up a settlement in passing during the 3.0 demo. I’ll have to look it up.

Yeah, I hope that if they already have it on the horizon that they do wait and push it like you mentioned as an expansion or update. The fact that, like you said, so many other things needs RSIs focus in order to get SC into the next stage of being closer to release. But…the thought of being able to do this would be soooo awesome.


That would be very cool. I could see that as an Expansion as well.

Here’s a reply from a 10 FTC from a couple of years ago:

That’s from 10 FTC Episode 4, 10 Jan, 2014.

Awesome…thanks for the follow through Terraphon. I’m glad this issue’s on RSIs radar, and from what you’ve gathered, it seems like it has been for a while. At least now we know they’re planning on implementing it into the game later down the line. That will really open up a new challenge within the game and organizations. Thanks again!

By the way did you check out the initial link I posted? nice concept, especially if we can take our designs that far!


Heya Hyndrosa

Yeah, I’ve seen that 3d image before. That’s Terra Prime as it currently exists hidden away within the Star Citizen files. MASSIVE city.

I don’t assume we’d ever be able to build anything THAT big but…Who knows. It would be pretty awesome if we could build our own huge cities.

CIG will be including those feature into Star Citizen in 2055. :laughing:

Truth be told those feature are way, way off into the future.

We’ll see in due time. Never say never.

LOL, that’s about right! At least they’re considering incorporating it into the verse…better be sooner than later in my opinion, but hey let’s get the game to full release first! :smiley:


I think if we could have our own player-created settlements/cities in Star Wars Galaxies, that we’ll have it in Star Citizen not terribly long after release.