CML Divisional Meeting

Can someone help me fix this issue? On my home page it states the meeting is from 10am–11am today so i’ve been planning on attending, so now that i’m online now no one is here for the meeting. When i click the link for the meeting, it says the meeting is 3pm–4pm. Was the 10am time posted wrong or are my settings wrong? I am on the central time zone since i live in Louisiana. It’s telling me all times are Central so i am assuming my settings are correct. Unfortunately i have already made plans to be out of town this afternoon, so if the meeting is in fact from 3pm-4pm, i will be unable to attend, so i apologize for my absence. Just wanted to make sure someone knew why i wasn’t there. Thanks

The meeting is at 3pm-4pm Central time, where do you see this “10am-11am” thing?

When i click HOME on here for this website, at the bottom there are 3 upcomming meetings posted, the CML one being today. It’s listed as:

CML Divisional Meeting
01 Aug 2015 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Commerce, Mining and Logistics Divisional Meeting: This meeting will require the attendance of all CML members.

took a screenshot

Apologies for that, it seems to be wrong on the front page indeed. Website guys will look into it.

ok, thank you, i appreciate it. I just didn’t want to be absent for my first meeting. I apologize again for not being able to make it.

Real life first! No worries.

Enjoy your time out.

I’m looking into this right now… no idea why it’s not showing the correct time.

Unfortunately i’m not able to attend the meeting. It’s getting late here and my family is going to sleep, so it would not be the perfect thing to do and wake them up by chatting in Mumble :wink:

You can stay and listen in without speaking if that’s the only thing holding you back :slight_smile:

Urgh, hate being stuck With only my cellphone and a crappy conection… >.<

Is there possibly a rekording of this meeting somewhere for me to get my hands on? :S