ClumsyDo Introduction


Hello, Im ClumsyDo im new to Star Citizen still learning about all the small things. Im excited to see if this Org can change my gameplay experience Hope to see you all some day


Welcome to ADI. You’re joining a great group of players. You’ll have fun here for sure.


Well I think being with any org is going to change your game play experience, and with us for the positive in a very definite way. Welcome to ADI, Clumsy.


Welcome to ADI Clumsy. As a fellow new member hope we can join up ingame sometime, see you in the verse



Welcome ClumsyDo! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to help you learn, have fun and make friends along the way. What ship(s) do you currently have and area of gameplay that interests you? Hope to see you in the Verse!


Hey ClumsyDo, welcome to ADI! always nice to meet people who are new to the 'verse and help them in discovering what they can do out there in the stars, I assure you there is plenty that you can do whilst being apart of this org whether you want combat or if you want to earn money, something for everyone here in ADI!


Welcome to ADI ClumsyDo :slight_smile:

Very nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!


Hello ClumsyDo and welcome to ADI! I have no doubt ADI will help you with your gameplay and help you advance your skills! ADI has cert training and Ops that will help you. You have come to the right place! See you in game!


I currently have a Titan Avenger i believe and At the moment the things i do the most is Bountys, Deliverys, Transports, and Mercenary jobs. :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you on board and looking forward to flying with you. You joined a great org for learning the game.


Welcome ClumsyDo! This is a great org to learn from/with and should definitely change your experience for the better. Look forward to seeing you out there with us!


Welcome aboard ADI ClumsyDo! It was a pleasure in being a part of your onboarding today! Sorry, I had to run for real life reasons shortly after. If you like the game, I recommend purchasing the Cutlass Black or larger which is what I have. Here are the reasons why;

  1. Best price for a Multi-role ship.
  2. ADI uses Cutlass Black for operations.
  3. One day, the Cutlass Red will be an Ambulance ship.
  4. You are not too squishy to be readily picked on.
  5. And if you want to take buddies with you or transport people, you can. Turret, Co-pilot, etc.

It’s really better to have more than one ship but I and we know not everyone can or will have a fleet of ships.

If you ever have any questions, Staff and members will be glad to answer them. Although, you will receive faster responses in Discord and Mumble.

Hope to see you soon in an OP or just in the Verse!


Hello glad to have you on board ADI
The people here are grate and the org is the best hope to see you in mumble


Welcome to ADI ClumsyDo. You’ll find that there is a strong mentoring spirit here in ADI. There’s no need to hope though, just open the game, join us on Mumble, chat on Discord and play with your brothers and sisters. I look forward to running ops with you.


Welcome to ADI ClumsuDo. We are happy to have you and we will try our best to make you feel at home. See you in the verse.


Welcome to ADI ClumsyDo. I’m sure I’ll see you in the verse very soon.


Hey ClumsyDo! Welcome to ADI. You’re right - there are a ton of details to learn about SC, but we have tons of folks willing to help you through them. I have no doubt we will improve your experience and enjoyment!


Welcome to ADI ClumsyDo, see you in the verse man


Welcome, ClumsyDo! Sorry i’m late on your post. I’ve already flown with you a few times. Nice work on that op today!



Welcome aboard man, and may you live in interesting times. I think you picked a good time to join us, it’s the calm before the 3.5 storm when everyone comes back. Let me know if I can help you out at all.