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Hello Team Lord Vader here. Glad to be on the team. Not much background, I am a closet basement creepy dark corner gamer. Been on ARMA since it was Flashpoint. Joined a clan hated it. Mostly build mission for others to play. Been on Elite Dangerous for 5 yrs now but honestly been waiting for SC all my life. So I really hope this relationship works bc its certainly not one to go at alone. I have been active duty military for 22yrs. Still active. I promise Ill retire soon. and be full time gamer. Seen real combat 7 tours. ( AFGH/IRQ/OTHRz) But now I truly ride a desk. I teach young joint-ops techies… im searching for emersion with a twist of fun. Glad to be here. and yes the force is strong with this one!!

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Hello LordVader_140A

Welcome to ADI, glad you’ve chosen to join our ranks. We often hang out in mumble and have some unorganized fun and of course there are our Org operations to join in on.

How long have you been playing Star Citizen for?

Welcome aboard sir

I think I SC is the game we’ve all been waiting for I no I have. was great to have you on-board anyway mate and hopefully you’ll get it become a full-time gamer sooner rather than later :wink:

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Thank you for your service, Lord Vader. Wow that sounds creepy when you type it out. Retired AF here (26 years). Retirement is the best! Looking forward to SC with you in the verse

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Bout a year owner but roughly 30 hrs gameplay

Welcome @LordVader_140A. There are a lot of us old ARMA players in the community. Looking forward to flying with you.

Thanks and thank you for your service!!

@LordVader_140A weclome to ADI Brother! 10yrs here army here!
what do you see yourself doing in SC? Mining, bounty hunting, cargo hauling?

Cargo For now, Im still fine tuning

Welcome to ADI LordVader, and thank you for your continuing service. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hi @LordVader_140A, Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! 22 years of service is a solid commitment, well done. You will find lots of veterans here, from many places, and we love the atmosphere that gives us. Enjoy your retirement when you finally take it, it will be well earned. See you in the verse!

Yooo Vader, welcome glad to see you in here always nice to have experienced gamers that can make things happen. Thank you for your 2 + decades of service! What are your goals in game over 2021?

Welcome to ADI vader, I have no doubt you will find things you like in ADI and possibly things you don’t but this is a great group to be apart of. Don’t forget to check the forums regularly and SIGN UP for any operations or training that interest you.