CitizenCon 2015 at Manchester!! (UK)

GOOD News everyone in blighty!

The CitizenCon has been set for the 10th of October 2015 at Manchester!

Here is the link: … enCon-2015

I have already bought the ticket and am looking forward to this event!

Please let me know if anyone else is going that live nearby Norwich.

I plan on driving to Manchester but if necessary I might catch the train there and stay the night.
It would be awesome if there were other ADI members going and it would be cool to meet up before the event.

StarRonin out!

I’ll be going as well, would be great to meet some other ADI members there.


Would love to be there but alas i missed the Boat with tickets , Do you know of any meetups in the North of England Any one ?

I think the event only starts at 6pm on that day. Maybe we should meet up at a nearby pub.