Citizen Spotlight - Crow Designs … ow-Designs

Hey my Fellow PIlots,

just check the link if you like.

Comments highly appreciated. Only if you want.

Kon Ellin aka Crow

I liked it at the first one. “Setting up the BBQ” <–classic

Cool work.

Awesome, great concepts and idea’s

Love the “You owe me one” on the SAR patch. Good work, man.

I posted on it Crow!

Thanks for the comments guys. Highly arpeciated.


Impressive stuff :slight_smile:

Some really cool stuff in there, worth checking out :smiley:

Really excellent work in the Crow…!

Crow always makes fantastic works

Thanks Mate.

Good to see you made your way and followed the path.


That is my fav. from the bunch. Would be awesome to have some of these WW2 style posters for ADI… :wink:

Ohh I ve made a few :slight_smile: of those moke ups. To be honest some Staff Pics where “inspired” let me say from my work , but anyways. Recruting Posters are important. If a Brand should start than it should have restrictions let me say: Fontstyle, Size and aproovement etc.
Posters should make you say: Ohhh thats an ADI poster without even have to read the Text…

Marketing is a strong and very useful weapon.


I entirely agree.

We have never really delved into the arena of posters, seriously, so that “Poster Brandbook” still needs to be made. It is way up on my radar now