CIG is selling rare ships

Apparently CIG has decided to allow us to upgrade to rare ships.


what is considered a rare ship?

890 jump, idriss, javelin

Maybe, just maybe CIG should be held accountable for what is has delivered, or should I say what is has failed to deliver. The current sand-box and constant ship sales don’t account of the some $100 million dollars raised. Then against I guess we all funded the building of a gaming company CIG. :angry:

I’d rather they do this and be freaking overwhelmingly 200% assured than ever have to scratch their heads sweating a damn thing. Get the cash. Make the best game ever. Period. Better for everyone.

GTA V took 8 years, had a cost of 264 mil dollars, and Rockstar was an alrdy established top end company, imo the only thing they failed on was being way too optimistic of promised dates.

Just remember a large chunk of that 264 million was marketing and console licensing costs. Probably 75-80 million.

According to Wikipedia, GTA V development costs were $137 mil. Hence SC’s development costs will be most likely higher than GTA V’s, which is not a suprise considering the scope of the project. My estimate is ~ $200 mil development costs for the release version.

Good Breakdown of all sale days: [url]Anniversary Sale Tactics & Schedule in 4 minutes & 40 seconds - YouTube

Thanks TheNoobifier1337.

Anyone still skeptical about CIG’s financial situation?

Nah… I don’t think it’s gonna go in this direction. They are almost fanatical about keeping it independent

To be fair, if they were not still collecting over 30M per year I would be worried, but at this point they would have to do a major mess to run out of cash. Especially when delivery 3.0 money will start pouring into their pockets.

WOOO Hello all! happy thanksgiving to all in the verse! just Joined and pumped to see whats in store for us today,

BANU Merchantman! hopeing for this one, if not waiting to pick up a starfarer on sat’s grand sale!


Having worked in the games industry in the past (take that as you will), I have seen nothing from the development side of things that makes me bat an eyelash.

Games (like many forms of software) are super complex and prior to release (even painfully close to release) they can look and play like garbage. There are polish passes, balance passes, tweaks and outright changes that go into getting a game from Alpha to stable release.

Given that context and what little we know about CIGs expenses (beyond a myriad of guesstimates from the RSI forums to Reddit) it is really hard to gauge whether or not the ship sales are from the perspective that some view (being that CIG is in trouble financially - I do not hold to this view) or that they are continuing to reap the rewards of a very smart/successful crowdfunding campaign and there is really no reason to stop.