Hello! New to the org and excited to be part of a solid outfit. I will likely end up a Terrapin pilot and am excited to scout new places and run rescue missions as needed. I am always willing to try new things and if you are looking for company to do just about anything in-game, let me know and I will gladly join.

Welcome Aboard Caeci!

I show your currently going through the steps and on the RSI Org Page. If there is any questions I maybe able to answer, feel free to shoot me a PM here on the Forums. Always need scouts, people willing to go above and beyond to save the lives of our pilots once they eject into the cold vast vacuum of space. I admire rescue pilots, because they are typically Medics that run into the fray to save a life.

I hope your onboarding process goes smoothly and I welcome you to Atlas Defense Industries!

Hi Caeci, A warm welcome to ADI. Looking forward flying with you!

Hello Caeci,

Welcome to ADI. That’s exciting that you’re interested in exploration and search and rescue. I hope to see you in the verse once you get settled in. Be sure to check out our forums and calendar online for the latest info. All the best