Change POV hat in BMS

Anyone knows how to change the POV hat switch in BMS setup?
I need to change it from the POV hat on my fighterstick to the POV hat on the Throttle.

Anyone have knowledge how to do that?

Thank You

What stick are you using? Use keybinds to do the key presses is how I did it on saitek sticks.

I use CH fighterstick USB and Pro Throttle USB.

Its like the CH hotas gets auto setup with the BMS keyfile, it atutomaticly sets the POV hat to the fighterstick. I have tried to change it with the key’s but nojoy, I was also changing the input in advanced, also a nojoy.

No clue, not sure why it would be auto setup… Have you tried to bind the hat to something else as a keystroke instead of via directx?