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Hello, i don’t really remember my division if I have one, so i don’t know who are the team leaders. I don’t know where to find it , sadly. So the thing is : i want to be in transport of merchandise and exploration. Is there anything i can do :joy:
It is not urgent btw so no stress



One of the TLs will probably send you a Private Message regarding the wanted Information.
To change your Division you just then contact your current TL with the Informationen where you want to go and why.
Commerce & Transportation
Exploration & Survey

Keep in mind your Division won’t narrow you down to gameplay of this Division.

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Ooh okay, but i don’t know in wich division i am :confused:
Thx for the info tho



Creating a forum post was right. All we have to do now is practice patience.

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Hahahaha yeah, it takes some times but people are working and all, i got patience :joy:



So i guess this would be a good time to ask this as well. In my introduction post i mentioned the C&T division, but after further playing and time i have decided that i would be more interested in Mission support services devision. Is there anything i should do or message someone? Sorry for the stupid question maybe. Thank you

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You are in Fleet Security as a Fleet Pilot @krahab1. Your teamleaders will be Zarkloyd, Martinrasmus007, Rencelak, Moonbiterr and JDAM. Contact one of them to speed up your transfer.

The divisions Commerce & Transportation and Exploration & Survey is 2 diffirent divisions. You can only be in one division at a time but the division you choose just gives you your primary role within ADI. You can still do all they other things as a secondary role.

Hope this helps.

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Please contact Sinlo#0997 in Discord.
He is a TL of your Division



There are no stupid questions @Cirael.
You should contact you chain of command and ask for a transfer to Mission Support Service.
Your teamleaders for contact will be Skullmaster43, Sinlo, Ho0Ber and Kylania.

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Well it is similar to the one i asked hahaha no questions are stupid, except 1+1 (gives 42 right?)



As a reminder, the division you are in is what you plan on doing most of the time. You are permitted to perform any other roles so long as you have the appropriate certifications. There is also no issue with members transferring divisions.

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I contacted sinlo on discord. Thank you for the response.