My name is Scott. I retired after 20 years in the fire service, leaving at the rank of captain. I have been an avid gamer since TSR80’s were a thing (google it). I’m drawn to the scale of Star Citizen and was sent an automatic invite to ADI when I signed up. Looks like a well organized group.

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Hi Scott, welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying?

Hey Scott! Welcome to ADI, I Look forward to flying around the Verse with you soon, See you out there!

Welcome to ADI Catmandu_SC. I’m glad you joined the team. As a first responder, you’re not alone here in ADI. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s weekly mining exercises.

Great to have you, may I recommend checking out the “rentals” for some quick bucks when you’re getting started out in the verse.

Hey Scott, Welcome to ADI! If you ever wanna haul some cargo and kick back with a few pints, I’m your guy. Cheers.

Hey Catmandu, Welcome to the org. I too am familiar with the TSRs and first used it at a Magnet School. Our org OPs are well organized and it has been great every time I’ve participated. Hope to see you in SC and let me know if you ever need help. I know when I first started it was a bit of a struggle as I was trying to learn everything on my own.

See you in the verse.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Catmandu and to the ever expanding Universe of Star Citizen. As a Captain in the fire service you’ll be our go to for authenticity of the upcoming November release of Fire Extinquishers and their proper application? Jokes aside thanks for the years of doing that job.

Hah, one of the first things I did in game is accidentally shoot a fire extinguisher. I died along with it.