Cassian - Intro

Hey everyone…

I’ve formally been with for quite a while now but never really interacted with anyone, so here goes it:

I got SC 4 years ago now and very much looking forward to more updates and releases. I’m mostly driven by Commerce and Transportation or Mission Support and draw pleasure in those things many think boring, like logistics, hauling stuff etc.

I very much look forward to getting deep into the ADI activities!


Cassian, Welcome to ADI.

You’ll find that trade and commerce is exciting, and I’d happily escort you anytime I’m online. It was great to talk to you on mumble, if you see me online team up with me anytime.

Welcome to ADI Cassian, we are glad to have you with us and I hope your onboarding went well!

Hi Cassian,

Great to have you onboard and flying with you in the verse! Did you succeed to sell the stuff?

bye Changenl

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries CassianHarcroft!

I look forward to doing some space trucking with you! See you in the verse.

Greetings Cassian, glad to have you with us!! You know, hauling and transporting is considered the grind, but it is also a great way for an individual / team / group to keep their ears/eyes to best routes to use for commerce and funds; also finding those cool not seen before finds. Once the scanning aspect gets introduced in the ‘verse’ the exploration kicks into overdrive (another avenue to keeping the advancement of the org growing). Having those keep the org informed, just gets the ball rolling, and I doubt will be boring then!! Be looking for you in the 'verse, and on mumble.

Cheers guys! Yeah, I’m quite the frequent flyer so I bet I’ll see you around often… And Change, yes I did, good 600 cred profit! Hopefully the mechanics to share the profits of a run will be in place soon without having to resource to weird service beacons

Welcome to ADI Cassian glad you have decided to become more active. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI Cassian! You can never have too many Space Truckers :slight_smile:

Hey there… Thank you, not an incredibly active member but I’ve been with you guys for a year or so now I believe :slight_smile: My Mumble was probably playing up yesterday and you must have seen me in the Lobby.

Lol. I stumbled into your posting and commented without even looking at the date. Hakuna matata. We are all patiently waiting. o7 I removed my post shortly after noticing.

Hallo Cassian and welcome back! When life was quieter with lack of SC content it makes sense to wait until things are lively before stepping back into it! CandT or MS is always needed and you’ll fit right in!

Welcome back to ADI Cassian! It is starting to get cool within the Verse! Can’t wait until server meshing when more of us can play together! See you soon in the Verse!

Welcome Cassian to ADI, cant wait till i see you in the verse