Captain Kern says Greetings Folks

Greetings Folks: Looking forward to being an active part of a great Org.

Welcome to ADI Kern. If you already have not done so, please hop on mumble and get your onboarding completed. If you have, double welcome

Welcome Aboard Kern!

Hope your onboarding goes smoothly and you find your footing here within ADI. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the Organization, Star Citizen, or any technical assistance you might need. Feel free to reach out to me via the PM system here on the forums. As that’s the best way to reach out to me.

Also, what are your plans and dreams for the Verse? Mining? Cargo Transport? Search and Rescue? Or you one of us Combat Jocks that loves the thrill of the fight?

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Greetings: I have a Twin Brother (Junk Heap) still serving in the Army He has 1.5 years until retirement, so We are both looking for a SC home, We together have a Javelin, Polaris, 3 x Hammerheads and a couple smaller ships, I am really looking forward to Cap Ship engagements, hoping to train great crews and being part of an active team, I am not very computer literate;) been having trouble with Mumble, I think I activated “push to talk” but not sure, do I use the space bar to talk? I have a decent headset.

Captain Kern

I typically set my push to talk for a button on my mouse. Typically ‘Mouse Button 5’ but that’s just personal preference. You would want to set up the push to talk to something that is easy for you to use, as well won’t interfere with your controls inside the game.

As for your collection… Wow I’m jealous :smiley:

I’m going for Capital Command myself, currently only have a Hammerhead but eventually want to get a Carrier. Fleet Security might be the best suited fit for you within Atlas Defense Industries :smiley:

When you open up Mumble, go into ‘Configure’ > ‘Audio Wizard’ - From there follow the steps, choose your push to talk to something you can easily get too. Complete out the wizard and test it out.

Hi Capt Kern,

Welcome aboard and see u in the verse!

Welcome to ADI captain Kern it sounds like you have a great idea about what you are looking to do. We have a great group of people to play with and a year and a half does not seem like that much time the way that Star Citizen is going he should be just in time, I hope you are both able to join and have fun I will see you around