Capt. Apollo

Hey guys Capt. Apollo here!
Interested in specializing in cargo transportation and logistics. I am patiently waiting on my C2 Hercules to be completed so I can start getting familiar with it. Being a C2 pilot is what I want to be known for and being able to assist, and support the organization where it sees fit. I also do have an Aegis Gladius for anything I want to do on the side, or can assist with (security or bounty hunting).

I am 27 and I reside on the east coast of the US (Florida). I am currently a computer engineer by trade, but I did 8yrs USMC as an embarkation and logistics specialist.

Have a passion for gaming, and riding motorcycles.

-Capt. Apollo

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Welcome to ADI Capt_Apollo, and thank you for your service. I’m glad you joining the team. You’re in good company here; lots of Floridians, marines and motorcycle enthusiasts. I look forward to running ops with you.

welcome @Capt_Apollo

I’m glad to have you with us I hope to see you around on Mumble

Welcome ADI Apollo. Thank you for your service man, you’ll get along with everyone here just fine we have a big ex-military presence. I’m also waiting for the Hercules I bought the M2 instead of the C2. Hope to see you in the Verse.

Hi Apollo, welcome to ADI!
I have a Hercules too with a Tonk rather than a Galdius.
Welcome to ADI!

Hi Capt_Apollo and Welcome to ADI,

be sure to check our calendar for the next event that might interest you, they are very well organised and fun.

Anyways see you around and once again welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI! Was a pleasure doing your on boarding today, we will definitely be flying some formation hercules together in the future! See you in the verse!

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Thank you for your service!

Thinking of cargo runs to outposts, hostile drops into firefights, or all of the above?

All of the above!
I don’t mind hauling a full cargo across the verse or dropping down in the middle of a gun fight to unload a tank, ill do it all!


‘Tanks’ (plural) It can hold two! (insert evil smile)
I’m so looking forward to it. It’s just a shame that we don’t have the gameplay yet.


Well, ill be owning a tank for standby as well. But yes! Tanks’!


Ah wait we must since those Hercs are due out soonish but we’ll see! Welcome to ADI! Feel free to ask questions or for backup as you need.

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