Can't wait for the fun to start

Hello everyone BahumutX here. (You can call Me Baja)

I’m no stranger to big organization such as this one. I played EVE Online for 5+ years and have seen what fleet combat looks like more than enough times and let me tell you its beautiful on an epic scale. I was a Negotiator and Recruiter in my former alliance Redneck Rage (Before they disbanded. And no I didn’t have a choice in the name). I was also Spec ops squad leader, Wing commander, and Trader/Merchant in my former corporation Happy Rabbits Club (again I didn’t get a choice for the matter.) So I have been around the block for some SyFyMMORPS to include Elite Dangerous.

Now for me I am looking forward to Stealth combat. I am big on taking out enemy combatants before they have a chance to strike, or they never get a chance to. Its what I do. But when I’m not in the battlefield I am moving cargo so I look forward to that.

With that being said I currently own Aurora, Aegis Saber Comet, and Aegis Eclipse(when its out). I’m working on getting the Cyclone - RN and when available a Merchantman or Polaris

Hey Baja!

Welcome! Looks like you have loads of experience to bring, always great to have! I’m wondering though, if you had a choice of names, what would you choose for an organization? :smiley: You’ve helped me become grateful for something i take advantage of, not having an org name that makes me cringe to say.

Honestly I would have changed it to “The Legion” but it was taken and the alliance was inactive for quite some time.

I like it! Appropriately fitting for large organizations.

Do you guys have Discord by the way. I have mumble but I prefer to use discord.

We have Discord for text chat but not for voice. For voice we use Mumble.

Hi Baja,

Glad to have you with us. I think your experience with EvE will serve you well. EVE is a great game, I played a little bit in the past.It sounds like you have a nice fleet going as well, that’s awesome and that will prove to be useful for the whole team. I hope to see you around in game and in mumble

Hello BahumutX,

Glad to have you in ADI. Welcome to our family.
Hope you have time and fun flying with us and in your division. We will see us soon, either in discord-mumble or in the verse.


Very glad to be here

Hi BahumutX,

welcome to ADI, with 3.0 we will have some first view on the cargo handling and how CIG thinks, it should work. Sounds that you are a real experienced player in big orgs and space combats sims. Hope to see you soon in the verse and kicking some pirates ass



Ah. Another Eve-Onliner! Welcome. I played Eve for about 5 years myself. Founded The Raging Armada with 4 Aussie Air Force guys and was the CEO for the full run. Helped found the BRUCE Alliance and took part of Syndicate and then Fountain until Pandemic Legion cleaned us out (still got the scars, lol). Was a lot of fun though. Can’t wait for 3.0 to hit so we can get int he Verse and start mixing it up.

Hey BahumutX,

I can’t wait for the fun to start either! I really appreciate your stealth tactics, in and out before anyone knows what hit them. I’m sure you will have a lot to contribute considering you experience and I really look forward to flying with you. :smiley: