Call me life

hi,im a player from China,happy to join u guys.

Hi life, welcome

Welcome to ADI Lifeis. I’m glad you joined the team. I’ll see you in game.

Welcome to ADI life! See you in the verse!

Hi there, Welcome to the group, we are happy that you are here. This is an excellent group you’ve joined. Hope to see you in the verse

Welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing you in the 'verse.

Hi Life and welcome to ADI! Have you been playing SC for long? Looking forward to meeting you in Mumble.

你好兄弟。 欢迎来到 ADI. 我现在也在中国所以每天晚上都会玩。有机会一起玩 see you

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Welcome to ADI! Glad you are looking forward to flying with us! See you in the verse!

Feels good hearing from all of u.Can’t wait to use this weekend to meet u guys in game.

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Welcome to ADI Life! Looking forward to meeting you-going to be a fun weekend with the Invictus week coming up :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Life! See you around the verse!

Welcome aboard Life, look forward to meeting you this weekend

just figured out that my timezone is 13h ahead of yours,that means i won’t be able to attend flying boxes at 2pm,24th(3am,25th for me),unless it’s brought forward 4h.Sorry about that.Do you have any better options that we can meet earlier in game ,maybe individually.

im also in China and usually the missions are very late for Chinese time, most are usually 1 am though which is fine to me

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome aboard

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