Call me Cayote

Hello, guess I’m a prospect or recruit. Looking forward to having some people to play the game with specially as I know next to nothing about it yet!

Hey Cayote!

Welcome to ADI! You’ll find tons of experienced players around happy to show you some of the ropes :slight_smile: Take some time to hang out in Mumble (and feel free to join us in other games as well) and Discord and you’ll find yourself in good company. See you around!

Hi Cayote,

Welcome to ADI, it’s great to have you with us. ADI has some awesome people and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot around here. I know I’m still learning all the time! Looking forward to flying with you. Best wishes

Welcome Cayote! Can’t wait to watch you fall down the rabbit hole that is SC. It’s a thrilling journey, going from curious outsider to passionate backer, to crazy fan… or somewhere along those lines. check out all the weekly videos CIG puts out and you’ll learn why were all so glued to it’s development.

Thanks for the warm welcomes. Already different from a lot of clans I’ve messed with! Thanks again.

Welcome aboard! Glad to have you flying with us.

Will kill.

Hi Cayote! My xbox live profile is Coyote so we’ve already bonded without you even knowing! Welcome to the org. Looking forward to exploring the verse with you and feeling out this game as it continues to develop.


Looking forward to flying with you.


Hi Cayote,
Welcome to ADI. Do you plan on joining us on ARK as well?

Hello Cayote,

welcome to the Org or how i call it: my second home. Being part of a large org is like to have a lot of friends, you will find mostly all over the day, people to fly with in the verse, if you have questions about setup, weapon loadout or how things are running in the game, you will find a lot of help in the forum, discorf or best on mumble

enjoy your time