Calendar Times

I noticed on the calendar page that while the times show correctly, the GMT listing for the various time zones is wrong. London is GMT 0 not the listed GMT 1 (GMT was originally based off London time back in the days the United Kingdom or Britain was the sole world’s superpower), New York is GMT -5 not -4 and Chicago (and Houston) are GMT -6… I would recommend all them be checked.

Little known fact but GMT/UTC stays the same all year around.

So when the US switches to Daylight savings time, the locations switch from -5 to -4 (EST to EDT), and -6 to -5 (CST to CDT). The same goes for London GMT+0 during the winter, and GMT+1 during the summer.

Daylight Savings Time is a major PITA, but the clocks on the calendar are correct.

This handy timezone map will show you:

The British follow the same stupid outdated time change also? And we both call ourselves modern nations. :laughing:

I can confirm we’re definitely at GMT+1 right now in London :smiley:.

Lest we forget - It is “Daylight Saving Time”. You don’t pluralize saving.