Hello everyone, I am Calandross and first and foremost I am Canadian. I am an avid mmorpg gamer, playing world of Warcraft in particular. I really enjoyed the concept of star citizen when a guild mate from wow told me about it and I jumped right into the game as soon as i could. I am excited to see what the games final build will look like once all the ships are implemented and all the exploration aspects have been added. I kept this short but if anyone reading this wants to know more about me I am not shy so feel free to ask otherwise, see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI Calandross, it’s great to have you with us! It was great doing your onboarding tonight. You’ll make a great contribution to the org. Be sure to play games on mumble and get to know some of the awesome people in the org. I hope you get settled in well and check out some Friday flight nights in the coming weekends. With 3.0 coming out I hope we’ll catch each other in SC sometime soon. All the best as you get settled in!

Hello Calandross. Welcome to ADI. Nice to see you have some previous experience with MMOs. I’m sure that will come in handy for a large player game like this.

I too am excited to see what the release build will be like for SC. Something tells me that they are creating a pretty amazing experience for us. 3.0 should bring a lot more gameplay and let us in on their vision a bit more. Have you thought about what you’re going to do when 3.0 is released to the masses?

I hope to see you in the PU sometime. Let me know if you want to fly together anytime.

Welcome to the crew Calandross! I played WoW for a while, but really didn’t understand the game that much so i left it. To be honest, i still play RuneScape, because that’s the only MMORPG that i can really understand XD. I’m guessing that Star Citizens final build won’t be until 2019 maybe, but i’m really excited to see how it turns out too.

What ships do you have currently? I’ve only got a Cutlass Red, along with my Drake Dragonfly Black. I hope to be an SAR pilot for MSS when the medical system gets fleshed out. Until then, i do whatever needs to be done at the time! =D

Good to have you on board, and i’ll see you in the 'verse!

Welcome To ADI we are on most nights flying in the PU feel free to join in on mumble and we will get you flying. and if no one is on jump into the channel and you will have people join most evenings or days. Look forward to flying with you .

Welcome to ADI Calandross,

I just have one question! Where’s your wow buddy? Get him in here bro! :laughing: Seriously though, it was nice talking to you last night and I hope we get to play together soon. If you have any questions or wanna go mess around in SC or another game, hit me up.


Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Calandross!

Were you by chance Alliance on the Tichondrius server? I feel like your name rings a bell from my WoW days.

Welcome Aboard!

Glad to see you here Calandross, and hope to fly with you in the Verse Soon!

Hey Calandross!

Glad to have you on board - a lot of great elements of large scale team play and organization will be needed to be effective in SC and I’m sure your days in WoW have helped prepare you for what’s ahead :slight_smile:

Hey there Calandross!
I´m sure everybody will be happy with the final form of Star Citizen!
By the way, welcome to ADI :wink: