Buzzing the Tower

Well, somehow you roped me into it. Baited me with a nicely worded email and a beautiful website and even pleasant recruiters that ambushed me when I stumbled onto it!

I have to admit, seeing “Over 5000 Members” on the first page of your website, I was set back. That alone almost made me leave right then and there. And that was when Dhawk popped up in the chatbox. And he changed my mind. So now I’m here.

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to ADI, so glad to have you in our org. and i enjoying my time with you during onboarding, feel free to ask any questions if not we see you in the verse :smiley:

Thanks Skullmaster, I appreciate you taking the time to do it. Looking forward to flying with you.

Hahaha, welcome aboard mate. Same thing happened to me years ago, only I wasn’t taken aback by the amount of members when I hit the home page (simply because we had about 1/10th the numbers).

Welcome to ADI JestaCannon glad to have u part of the org

Hello and welcome JestaCannon, glad tho have you with us, see you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Thank you to everyone for the kind welcome. Looking forward to exploring the verse with you all.

Welcome, JestaCannon! I felt the same way when I came across ADI but I am glad that I made the jump. While we are a large org, you will find that we are very much about building people up and helping each other out. We are not impersonal and you can expect to stay connected with the rest of ADI. Glad to have you aboard!