Buying a New graphics card

So I am building a new pc and all I lack is the graphics card. My research has shown that a new card by nvidia is about to be released. My question is should I wait to buy or go ahead and pick up a 980ti now? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Personally I’d wait. If your ok using either onboard gfx for the time being (1~2months) or picking up a super cheap gfx card to play less demanding games whilst you wait, it would be the better option.

Also look at it like this when the new cards come out the price of the 980ti etc will seriously drop, I’d be kicking myself If I bought a top range card to see the price drop a month or two later. That is unless of course you want to cough RMA it or return it for a refund then upgrade.

I agree with Sfoxor, man. Wait for the time and upgrade when the new cards drop. If you’re looking for a good interim card, the 780 is reliable. If that’s too far on the low end I’d recommend the 960, last I saw it’s about $200. Keep in mind I’m not talking about the ti versions of either card. No sense shelling out that extra cash when you’re looking for a better card.

I’m in the same holding pattern - Waiting for the next Gen to release, then I’m buying a 980-card.

Yeah it really sucks waiting I have everything but a graphics card and it’s all put together now… Guess I’ll stick with the laptop a lil longer :frowning:

I have two, I’ll part with one if you want it.

I think I’ll just wait for now thanks for the offer though :slight_smile: … lefield-5/

GTX 1070 and 1080 are about to be released.

yup wait for pascal :slight_smile:

Wow so glad I waited I think I’m going 1080 sli

Good deed for the day done √

It’s going to be pretty sweet when they come out. Looking forward to getting one my self when they come out.
(reason for only getting one, is SLI as a technology isn’t that great, came out 2008(*edit sli was orignally introduced 1998!), not greatly supported, due to be replaced with NVlink in the near future)

Do you think that it will be that much better?

Two graphics cards connected via nvlink instead of being connected via pci-e then a sli bridge across the top?
Yep aloooot faster, with some other benifits such as being able to chain an AMD+Nvidia card togeather.
But as it would be a replacement for pci-e I’m assumeing it would on the motherboard, it’s something they’ve not spoken about much recently. They might be having trouble getting manufacturers to sign on to the idea.

But one thing they did say is it would be introduced with Pascal microarchitecture.

It might be the 2nd gen pascal cards 1090ti~ which they’ve not annouced yet, or very remote chance it could use the same pin config as pci-e (which I would be surprised about) just needing an enabled motherboard. Either way I’m holding fire on multiple cards untill I hear more.

NVLink is going to be a server only product for the foreseeable future. Something might trickle down to the consumer market, but right now its strictly with IBM POWER setups.

With Pascal NV did double the bandwidth of the SLi Connector with the “HB” bridge

This post is a good one.

Which also, brings up the point about how much bandwidth you really need between two cards.

With NVlink do you think you would need pcie x16 or would the x8 work now that it’s so much faster? The reason I ask is because my pcu only supports 24pcie lanes making my sli 8x instead of 16x which normally doesn’t affect the speed at al.l

Sorry all my posts are from my cell phone lol :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d update this thread.

Well, the pre-orders for the 1080 sold out in minutes. Given that and the apparent demand, those of us waiting who haven’t ordered already would at best see a card sometime in June, in my opinion. Also, in June/July boards from other manufacturers should start showing up. Myself, I’m waiting for those as they’ll be putting their own tweaks in and probably at less cost than the reference cards. My target is a 1070 made by Asus or Gigabyte, but if the deal is tempting I might go for a 1080. Really glad I didn’t breakdown and get a 970 when I built my system earlier this year.

Yes, same here. Just waiting to see “GF1070 on-sale”