Buy 2nd ship from a package or not?

I’m thinking of buying a 315P to company my Constellation. But should i buy a package with the extra cred and some insurance or should i just buy it as cheap as possible?

Btw, headset is in for repairs, so im of TS3 for a week.

The advantage of a second ‘account’ is your can use that account as an NPC to help crew your ship.

And then im a 315P richer, and it looks beutiful with its T4 engine and semi stealth equipment=)

Also bought the stealth and electro skin, tho i have no idea how to use em.

From what I’ve read from the brochures, the 315p has a bunch of exploration equipment (Jump drive and jump point scanner) and does not have any stealth equipment or even semi-stealth equipment. The only ship that has stealth equipment so far is the F7C-S Ghost.

Description in the gear in the hangar module says its made to be alittle stealty

Low EM emissions generally means how big of a target you appear on LADAR scanners, not how “stealthy”. You have to remember that your weapons, power plant, armor and shields also play a role in stealth and in that aspect the 315p was not designed for stealth in that manner. Sure, it’s main thruster says that it gives lower EM emissions, but that’s just one part on your ship. Sure it will appear as a less important target than say a regular 325a or 300i, but as far as stealth, it will under no circumstances be able to do a better job than a dedicated stealth vessel.

For example if you look at the F7C-S Ghost you’ll notice that the armor is designed and is capable of diffusing scans, low draw weapons and low emissions drives. … net-V8.pdf

Also, remember that CR did say and confirm in Wingman’s Hangar ep 49 that ships dedicated for a certain role will fill their role better than ships who weren’t designed for the intended role you want.

Btw, I’m just wanting to give you the information so you’re not disappointed when the game comes out. I have a 315p as well and I will not be getting rid of it. I think it’s going to be a great ship.

I would recommend getting a second package if you can afford it. I bought the Lightspeed package as well as the Weekend Warrior package over the anniversary specials week. Both have LTI. I also sprung for the Banu MM, it was too sexy to resist. But the extra account will offer you a fully customizable NPC to be a wingman or gunner. May even spring for a 3rd character slot when that add-on becomes live so I can have my 350r and SH fly on my Banu’s wing as I embark on trade missions.

I went with a package. Now i cantt figure out what my 3th package should be. Would be nice to have a full NPC crew for the Connie.

Meh, maybe il just join you as crew on the Bane MM=)