I am a new perspective member to the organisation. I was referred by ShadoGuardian. I live in New Zealand and am very new to Star Citizen.

Hello Bullebak. Welcome to ADI.

Nice to meet someone from across the world. I’ve heard great things about New Zealand as a place to visit and/or live. Maybe someday I’ll make it there. :wink:

What ships do you have, or would like to purchase? There are a lot of choices so it can be tough to choose. Many members own many of the available ships and they’re generally open to loading them up for others to check out.

Glad to have you.

Hi Bullebak,

Welcome to ADI. It’s great that you’re interested in joining us. That’s awesome you’re from New Zealand. It’s beautiful there, from what I’ve seen in photos at least. You said you’re newer to SC, I think you’ll find ADI has great ways to train new members. When Friday Flight Nights happen those are great ways to learn how to fly, and they’re fun too. Be sure to hop in mumble and play some games with us sometime if you’re online. All the best

Welcome to the family! It was nice seeing you take the plunge into Star Citizen and even more so seeing you in the verse a day later as a part of our team. Hope to see you again soon and we can continue on our adventures in the PU :smiley:

Hi Bullebak, probably some linkage with the Netherlands have you? Welcome to the club! groeten ChangeNL

Welcome to ADI Bullebak it was nice flying with you the other day if you have any questions just ask we will have plenty of time to play in the PU and other parts of the game I will see you around.

Welcome Aboard Bullebak!

If you have any questions about the verse, or the organization in general. Please feel free to PM via the forums! Good to have you here, and glad shadow could convince you to take the plunge.

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Welcome to ADI Bull, was good to meet you on mumble. yeah, let’s get out in the PU and fly some.