Hi all! My name is Tom and I would like to be part of your organisation and have an awesome time playing SC together with some nice people :slight_smile:

Welcome Tom/Buhusnake - What kinda ships do you have or activities do you like to do in Star Citizen? Welcome to ADI!

Welcome Tom, there are some great people from all over the globe in the org. Look forward to catching you in mumble & the verse

Hello Buhusnake,

Welcome to ADI.
You made a good choice joining our little (worldwide) lovely (friendly-mature and helpful people) org. We have a lot of cookies (experiences and skills) and coffee or beer (infos, events) at the bar (discord and mumble), whatever you prefer (when you have time, RL comes first).

See you soon around here and the verse.

Welcome to ADI, Buhusnake! You will definitely have fun with us. ADI usually has some kind of activity going on during the week. Recently, we have had major operations over the weekends. It is all fun. Join in where you can.

Welcome to ADI, Buhusnake!

Its a great group of people here, im sure you will have an awesome time! what part of the org interests you most?

Welcome to ADI, Buhusnake. Looking forward to flying with ya, what do you want to do in game?

Welcome to ADI Tom glade to have u part of the org

Tom, welcome to Atlas Defense Industries plenty of cool people around to fly with just say the word and you’re bound to find someone lol

Hey Tom!

Welcome to ADI, I haven’t been here long, but I can already tell that everyone here is extremely friendly and super helpful! What parts of SC do you enjoy?

Hey Buhusnake,

I hope you’ll join us for some shenanigans soon! Always more fun with a group. Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to the org Tom glad to have you with us =D i see you in the verse

Hey Tom and welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

We are happy to have you with us to fly around the Verse.
Mumble and Discord always have people you can hop on an play with.

Welcome to the org Tom, I hope you’ll get to join us on our saturday events, its a great way to get to know other members and practice the game!