Hello everyone! Been playing for a few days now and I am proud to say. 'I’m addicted!!" I was sent an invite to ADI and I’m very impressed with the website. I am excited and eager to make new friends in-game. Keep in mind though I have a little baby girl who I take care of during the mornings so if you see me on I’ll be pretty busy running back and forth from the keyboard. Weekends are always best for me. Anywho looking forward to meeting you! btw I got the limited edition starter pack.

Hello Buckeye, Welcome to ADI, I am also a weekend warrior as well as I have a 5yo that keeps me busy during the week. Hope we can fly together sometime. See you in the verse.

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Welcome to ADI BuckeyeIrish! RL first. :slight_smile: Which ship did you get in your starter pack?

Welcome to ADI! Glad to hear you are enjoying your self so far. This is an easy place to lose so many hours :slight_smile: but never forget, real life comes first. We understand and wont hold it against you. See you in the verse!

Hello and welcome to ADI BuckeyeIrish. I know the feeling of being addicted to SC! Enjoy that baby time and hope to see you out there!

Hello buddy. Welcome to the addicted club. I myself am completely addicted. Let’s fly together and get high on SC. Jokes aside, we are glad to have you in the community. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions…

Welcome to ADI Buckeye! Currently most of our org activities happen over the weekend, so you should be able to join in the ops and training without issue. Take advantage of the free fly this week to check out new ships!

Avenger Titan and Freelancer

Welcome aboard Buckeye. Look into the cert programs for boxy flying and marine tactics.

Welcome aboard! Lots to do, look forward to seeing you around.

I am glad we made a good impression, welcome home

Hope this helps. This is the package I got. I really like the freelancer. It has alot of space.

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Best starter pack in my opinion. Well done

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Welcome to ADI BuckeyeIrish614. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in ADI’s mass ops.

Hi welcome Buckeye

Welcome to the org Buck!
Glad to have you with us! Yeah that is a great starterpack =)