Broke Down and got a HOTAS

Went ahead and bought a Thrustmaster HOTAS … UTF8&psc=1

It’s gonna take some time transitioning back over to Stick from Mouse and Keyboard. I tend to like the KBM due to precision of aiming. But maneuvering can be a bit of a pain unless your hands and key setup is on point. Might look for some volunteers to hit vanduul swarm with me while I get adjusted to the feel of a stick in my hand… no puns intended…

I’ll see you in the PU!

For the cost, I believe the 1600 is a good buy.

Yeah just came in today, took it up in ARMA III for one of my helicopters I’m typically decent at with mouse and keyboard.

All I can say…

I LOVE IT! Touch and go landings are much easier now, and dodging incoming missiles with flares shooting out… I do it like a champ. Gonna try to get it set up later for Star Citizen, get my voice attack back on and set up… do Vanduul swarm til I feel confident to try it in the PU>

I just purchased one myself. Should have it Wednesday. How are you assigning everything?

I had to assign the the Warthog Profile for the T16000 in game then slowly modify the bindings to my comfort level.

For the most part it works like a dream off the profile, minor button conflicts but easy to map out in free flight.

After doing some research a lot of people were saying that doing dual stick is really good so I went out and ordered two of those same thrustmaster sticks, and didnt get the throttle.

I found that a dual stick set up can be good for quick fights, but if you plan on fighting for a while, the dual stick set up wears me out. I have much greater control over a protracted battle with a stick and throttle than just two sticks.

I guess the dual stick set up would work if a player dies a lot and really fast. :laughing:

Well I’m finding that I love flying with the stick, I get alot of close maneuvering through roids a breeze. But when I’m in close range, head to head combat… I’m using the mouse and throttle and I’m just melting the opposition. If I can shift my rotation thrusters to the paddle shifter on my throttle I may of just found my setup. Combat Piloting might not be a bad idea after that, but for the moment the stick/thruster will mainly be for long range bombing, maybe short range, Search Rescue and Drop Ship Op’s as I won’t need to do close range fighting.

I’m still tweaking, but love this setup so far.

Can you post an export of your controller profile that I can start with when I get my hotas? Hopefully I’ll get it this evening.

I just got the X56, does any have a good profile for it? Also new to SC.

I would search Reddit for profiles, I haven’t fully fletched mine out as that will come this weekend as I will spend a few hours figuring out where I want my button skeems to be.

Once I figure mine out, I’ll post the profile here for the T16000M with HOTAS.

I tried using the mini-joystick on the hotas for strafe but it seems to be all or nothing. And the throttle is completely forward movement so not sure how to do reverse movement. Also what are you using the seesaw type lever on the lower front of the hotas for?

Actually this link looks interesting for configuration tips, and has a nice PDF as well. … trols_pdf/