Bravespirit Here

Good morning ADI teammates

I am a fresh new recruit just getting my feet wet with an organization. I live in sunny Florida in the good old US of A I been playing video games since my first 8088 (PC XT) and I remember playing wing commander when it first came out and being very impressed with it. Actually, I loved that game back in the day, and since then I been in love with space and dog fighting, and flying, and exploration, and …

So what do I wish to do in SC?
I would love to have a great space battle against the Vandul, explore an uncharted region of space, salvage something wonderful from the shell of a great ship after a battle, and generally enjoy an amazing universe that is full of wonder with people who also find it amazing and wonderful. Hopefully CIG makes all these dreams come true!!

So what to expect form me?
I communicate well and I work with a team to achieve a common goal. I would like to be part of something greater and have an influence in making it even better. I always believe their is room for improvement and nothing we do is perfect. Sometimes the results we get do not match up to the effort we put forth, and that is just part of life. I do strongly believe in goals, without a goal you end up somewhere you did not wish to go. I could go on and on about my philosophies but I will not bore you to death =)

I look forward to meeting everyone and together we can all enjoy what Chris and his team are putting together for all of us in the verse.


Welcome to Atlas, Brave.

Hey Brave :slight_smile:

Very nice presentation, thanks for the effort. It’s great to get to know our members better. Welcome to the org, see you on Mumble :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Brave. Great to see someone with your passion. Hope to see you as active as you want to be, you sound like a great addition to our ranks.