Bought a Customised 325A

Hey folks,

I bought a customized 325A on the RSI cash shop. I had fun doing bounties. My ship got destroyed a few times due to one reason or another, but no big deal. I was able to respawn the ship with no issues. Just now, however, when I respawned the ship, all my customization options (that I paid real cash for) are gone. I tried multiple times and I can’t seem to get them back. I still see the customized options on my account on the RSI website.

Any idea how to fix this?

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Character reset might help but otherwise these are the kind of ‘features’ that are in game atm. As long as they’re still showing in your account then you’ll likely get them back with a future update. Sadly these things happen.

There are several issue council tickets regarding this so you are certainly not alone in this.

Certainly one of those things that is not supposed to happen, but has been in this patch recently. I would suggest just adding to an issue ticket and hopefully it is fixed next patch.

Nice buy! I love my 325a =)
Just du a character reset and it will most likely sort itself out =)

325A is nice, I wish they would fix the missile and storage lift bugs fixed. I melted mine but will probably resurrect it down the road.

Unless they make a medium/heavy version Origin fighter … lol

Yeah its kind of wierd aiming 45 degrees above the target to get a missile lock…

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