BMS PvP Matches

I’ve been looking over some of our previous streams and want to gauge everyone’s interest on more friendly PvP matches between our pilots. Everyone of course would need to be taught on Air to Air engagements and formation flying. So, if you’re interested in doing this let me know. Also, even if you haven’t started, I’d like everyone to vote.

Now, I would intend for these matches to get progressively more difficult; introducing additional threats to the battlefield for both sides respectively. This will challenge every pilot who participates.

Who the hell votes no? I shun thee, sir.

Thats a good idea and I’m in if I can sort a couple of issues flying the BMS.

I am new to BMS and maybe some of other newbies are to. I can take of and land with the bird in one piece. I was thinking to ask some of you experienced pilots to take us newbies on a tutorial flight. Maybe you can learn us the basics of A-A/A-G?
Or, even someone can learn me/us some of the “need to know” basic’s?

Would be nice if someone can set up a tutorial flight, date and time?

Thank You :confused:


We’e already providingh training flights both during the week, and on the weekend for newer pilots to help them with formation flying, and brevity… once guys get good enough we teach them some basics of combat to keep BMS fun.

Ok, thats cool :slight_smile:
Is there any fixed schedule for the training flights?

We try and fly on Saturday evenings EU time… but you can always get with myself, Hav0k, Stick etc to do some one on one training… and it’s always ok to ask in the pub if anybody is up for a flight so you both can practice your flying. A lot of other guys are still learning formations, which is just really good practice using a joystick.