BMS MFDs on your Andriod

This has been edited as I figured out a better system that is free and easy to use. I did find out that the MFDs freeze if you alt tab to the desktop and the BMS mission has to be exited, but not the game and then restarted.

It is not impacting my CPU usage and runs very smooth. … ndroid+MFD

Better solutions out there for this… Roccat some of the guys are experimenting with… for example, and it’s free for the basics.

Big performance hit going this route.

I definitely am open to a better idea, but I already have a tablet and liked the touch screen idea.

You’re already pushing the limits of your graphics card, a 30-40% hit would bring you to a slide show.

Im doing some work on this:

Some grids are already made for Falcon BMS and I am working on how to implement the maps. It is still alpha thou…
Thank you for the link to getidisplay Joshua. Seems its already working with that app! Nice :slight_smile: I am gonna look into it.

Here is a vid with TouchControl:

I just bought a 21,5 inch touch screen monitor. I am atm working on this cockpit: (F 35)
I will be using the monitor for MFD’s aswell as an Ipad and a android tablet, possible also my phone. The sweet thing about roccat is that you can have multiple devices. (menus and submenus up and ready…)

This worked, but I have to figure out what keys it wants me to assign to be fully interactive. … ndroid+MFD

Cool :slight_smile:
I had a look at it also, havn’t got it working yet thou…
Cool if you keep me posted, tnx :slight_smile:

As a non cockpit builder, I have to say I am not particularly interested in running things to my tablet. I often have just about everything set up on my HOTAS as I make use of a shift button to double everything else, and my mouse or keyboard to take care of anything else. So the idea of balancing my tablet on my knees (as I don’t have anywhere else close by to put it) while playing I personally don’t find very appealing (and somewhat immersion breaking).

But I’m sure others love the idea :smiley:

Yeah well, we are not “balancing my tablet on my knees” if thats what your imagination tells you. :laughing:
It is not “somewhat immersion breaking” either. Just have a look at the F 35 cockpit. :open_mouth:
Some of us like the idea to keep up with the evolution! But hey, if you don’t, its fine with me. :slight_smile:

Tablets aren’t the way to go… touchscreens directly connected to a computer are less expensive and handle a lot better.

I got better things to spend my money on I guess. Oh and I am quite familiar with cockpit building (or if you want really nuts, coning tower building for the uboat/submarine guys). I was also talking about myself in my prior post, not the pit you are building. I have no interest in balancing my tablet on my knees while playing Falcon or any other game for the reasons I had stated.

Why not just use a touchscreen monitor (for the UFC) and velcro a pair of Thrustmaster MFDs onto it? That’s what I use and it works great, no balancing required!