BigAndySG- ready to join, info required.

Hello, got what i assume was an automated invite, checked out the website and would like to join up!

i have recently started with SC after a long time with Elite: Dangerous (combat-Master, Trading-Elite), got my hotas(X-52) set up to where i need it to do everything i think is relevant but i’m sure there are some details i’m missing with regards to shields and power management, all things i can pick up from more experienced players or through training. Also first time joining a player group so will have to figure out that as well, while the website is very well done i have my doubts as to how structured the group is (hopefully im proved spectacularly wrong!).

looking to join the marine pilot division after the training period, from what i’ve seen in the game however, the missions are very limited and wouldn’t accommodate the range of positions in the group (figuring its set up for when the full game releases). if the position is available i’d love to fill it, if not any piloting post would do, ideally i could be trained in a wide range of pilot roles and would be able to help out with various deployments and exercises.

my aim is to deliver the highest quality of piloting possible, giving eta’s, ensuring all personnel are on board and doors are closed before take off, communicating with leaders and following orders to ensure all team members can carry out missions and return safely.

looking forward to hearing from someone with regards to how we proceed


Hi BigAndySG,

All our invites are sent by real people! Glad you came by to check us out :slight_smile: Looking forward to fly with you, once you have done your on-boarding:

Welcome BigAndySG,

glad to have you on board! Hopefully this will turn out to be a good first experience for you regarding joining a player group. Also, be sure to hop in to Mumble from time to time; it definitely helps one get familiar with some of the members in respect to how large we are. I look forward to playing with you in the future. Again welcome to the Org!