Best SC morning ever

So some time ago my oldest son (6yo) saw me playing SC and thought it was so cool. He really had been wanting to try it.

So this morning I plopped him on my lap let him grab hold of my vkb HOSAS and take my cutty black for a spin as well as the ROC. He did great! And boy did he love it. I am thinking my wife’s pc is going to need an upgrade and he is going to a copy of this game some day in the future.

Will be awesome!


That’s cool af MineHawk! I have a 4 year old son, and he’s already very interested in Dads space game.

Oh nice so you will get the same opportunity. Playing SC with my boy would be an awesome thing. It would be a costly endeavor though as I would have to upgrade my wifes pc…and get more vkb sticks. Dont think the mrs will be thrilled for that one just yet. That will only happen after I have built her a new kitchen.

I feel ya man. It’s a give and take thing with the mrs to be able to play for a few hours a day. good luck

The feels… Touching father son moment, I envy you brother.

Priceless, my daughter and I never could agree to an online computer game together and then she gave it up all together. May be if she becomes a helicopter pilot of the Coast Guard she will change her mind? … lol

It was indeed touching, it will be a few years I am sure before anything were to come of it, for now I will continue to enjoy mario kart with him.

@Teufelhunden There is a hope there, if she is going for piloting she may very well become interested in a game like this. Hope it does work out. I feel your pain though, back when my wife was in university and before we had kids I managed to convince her to try star wars the old republic. We had a blast playing that together. But that quickly faded away and I haven’t been able to get her on a computer game in over 6 years now.

I have been trying to get her to try SC lately because it is just so damn cool, but she won’t come near. oh well, one day my boy(s) might.

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Yes SWTOR was a blast for a while until EA was not able to keep up with the individual class and subclass content and made it more broad with less raids. It’s still a good game in some respects but Space Combat is a joke. Now if they made a Star Wars like Star Citizen but more perfect, they would make a killing.

Yea it sure would! I grew up loving star wars, still do but I havent been as thrilled about these days.

To be honest I have never been a big scifi guy. I loved star wars and alien(s) and that was about it movie wise.

As much as a SW game like SC would be epic I am actually really fond of the verse that has been created. I have chased a ‘gaming dragon’ for many years now never finding a game to fill that void of nostalgia from the great days of gaming. SC has done that for me.

Since really getting into it (all thanks to the help from many here at ADI) it is the only game I really want to play anymore.

I will be playing squadrons when it comes out but that will be more for when I only have 20 minutes-ish of time to game.

If I get an hour or more it is SC all the way!

I agree MineHawk, I keep coming back to Star Citizen for more. Now, I may get a little distracted with Cyberpunk 2077 but I have to make sure I keep up my presence here in ADI … lol

I have heard of that game but know absolutely nothing about it. Simce the announcement of squadrons and even before I have not really kept up on any new or existing games.

Lol SC has taken over my gaming world. My wife expressed concern that I am addicted to it…but we all know if that was the case I would get at least 5 hours in a day (not that I am saying if anyone is doing that that means addiction). Hoping to get on tonight but me and the mrs may do another cozy night by the fire so we will see.

I just went with 5 hours because it has been many years since I got a day to play for 5 hours.
My best run was 8 am to 1 am (only left for bio break or to grab gameable food)…good times. It was a Diablo 2 day for me and my bud. Went from lvl 1 into our 70’s

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I cant wait until my kids are old enough to see if they’re into SC!