Best Chair I have ever owned

Hey Everyone!

In preparation for SC among other games that will have me sitting at my desk much longer than I am used to, I decided to upgrade my chair from the old POS thrift store model I have been using these past 6 months.

I shopped around and found one with good reviews that was even comfortable to sit in for 15 minutes or so at Office Depot.

It set me back about 200 dollars, but I figured that a good chair was worth the money. While I still believe this, I now know that no one seems to sell a decent chair anymore!

What is someone like me who doesn’t have an extra 500 dollars lying around? Well, my solution was to build my own chair!

The project began with a trip to the local Auto Recycler. There I was able to find a nice chair in nearly new condition for $75. The seat came out of a car that had been in a wreck and popped the side airbag. This not only made the seat cheaper, but safer! Now, it also means I will need to sew up one side of the seat, but that is a small price to pay.

Next, with measurements of the base, I headed to Lowes. There, I purchased a set of locking Casters [url][/url] Along with some 2x4s I got cut for free, and screws. total cost $30.

The chair went together rather easily, as you can see below. It totally slipped my mind to actually take the during photos, sadly.

As you can see, the four casters are set up on the basic wood base. The 2 locking casters are on the right side for easy access, although really they could be placed in any corner. I’ll readily admit the base is over built, but it is the most solid chair I have ever sat in.

I left the controls intact, which allows me to slide the seat forward, adjust the seats height by about 4 inches, and of course recline the back!

Ain’t she beautiful? Perfect height for the desk! having the ability to adjust the height was a real boon for this build. I still need to restitch that left side seam, but that is a fine looking $100 chair. You may notice that the chair is positioned towards the front of the base, this was done so the CG point was closer to the middle of the base even when the chair was reclined rather far back.

All told, I spent $110, with tax on this chair, and it will last me way longer than the piece of crap that Office Depot was trying to sell me! The only “downside” to this chair is that it weighs a ton. The casters are a dream to roll in.

Future Work: I plan to build on mounts for my Hotas rig, once it arrives. Possibly armrests as well. Should I actually do this future work, I’ll make sure to get more photos.

If anyone is looking at doing something similar in the future, feel free to PM me, and I would be happy to help where I can.

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This is awesome!

That is genius!


I’ve been looking at a solution for my hotas on the chair as well - thinking something like the following along with some heavy duty velcro or screw mounts: [url][/url]

hehe i like it man, I can appreciate DIY like this

O_O I know what I’m doing this weekend … I’m parting out my old car right now anyways!

Great stuff OP! I’ve been googling around all week to see if people have done this for a PC specifically.
How high did you have to create the wood mount to get the car chair up to the correct height? if you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile:

I’ve been planning doing the same, but instead of wood using 25mm square steel tubing with joints.

Another idea to go with it is using 2x small TV wall arm mounts under my desk to create 2 joystick mounts for twin T16k setup :slight_smile:

Really really nice! I’ve spent weeks trying to see if anyone has done a smaller (non-cockpit style) frame like this for ideas, and finally find this thread hehe

I’ve been planning my own too, using square steel tubing instead of wood though. Biggest issue I have is finding a car seat to use :frowning:

This is my quite MS Paint plan of how the frame will be, but I’ve decided to make the plans in Blender instead since I can use it easier haha

Really well done!

One thing I’m gonna do too is use TV arm-mount style brackets to mount my joysticks to be able to be folded away.
Just figured I would mention it for if anyone wants any ideas and comes across this thread :slight_smile:

Again, real nice job!