Battlefield 1

Hello all,

Just wondering if there will be a BF1 team setup or if anyone is playing it? I see that there is Hellion, ARK and COD.



While BF1 is no longer an “ADI Supported Game,” there are still plenty of people who play it.
Check out the BF1 sub-forum in the “General Games” forum for any posts related to it.

While I don’t play BF1 myself - I know there are active members who do and they are always looking for more players to work with.

That said - since it is not a supported game, there wont be a team or in-game clan (if that functionality is even supported)

Just a quick word to add to Infandus’ answer, best way to get together and play is to get on Mumble.

Exactly! Mumble is always active with people in a number of different games.