Basic Joystick Configurations

Hi, I’m not a new member but haven’t spent much time playing Star Citizen yet. This is partially because it seems that whenever I boot up SC my joystick configurations are back to default. Please note, I’m not talking about if I play SC one day that it will be messed up the next day. I’m talking about going months between play sessions. So I end up spending most of my time just trying to configure my joystick rather than actually playing.

Does anyone have a recommended configuration for an Aurora that is mostly going to be used for exploration/survey? The joystick I’m using is an old model: Saitek ST290 Pro. It has 6 buttons, a throttle and a 4-way directional hat. What are the most important commands to put on a joystick for this type of mission? I’d like to still be able to fight effectively so I need to be able to fire and target. But I’m thinking landing commands are important too. Anyway, where do I start? I’ve heard Blaze can help with configurations, but I searched his posts and they all seem to be specific to certain advanced joystick models.

My second question is about why my joystick configs seem to disappear? I tried backing up the config once but the next time I launched SC it wasn’t an option so maybe I don’t understand what the feature is for.

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I can’t really help map your joystick, but you need to save your configuration (export it in the settings) because it gets thrown away after each update of the game. Also note that Star Citizen 2.0 - 2.1 made some changes in the controls which brought problems in profiles used in previous versions, so you may have to re-do part of your profile for the latest version.

We also have ADI profiles for the recommended HOTAS, yours isn’t one of these but perhaps it can give you a starting point: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5300

Although your stick is not one of those supported by ADI for XML configurations, what you can do is take a look at the PDF files in the XML file down loads. It will allow you to see how our standard set up are.

I would encourage you to do your set up as close as possible to how the supported sticks are set up.

Also our keeper of the xml files is Blaze. If you have questions concerning specific set ups, he would be a good source for you to talk with.

Oh ok, I think I understand. I didn’t realize the XML files were something that were human readable. So what, it will say “primary trigger button is set to fire” or something like that? Anyone know of any photos/drawings showing which functions are mapped to which buttons?

If you scroll down just a little, you can get printable .pdf’s for your regions format.
It’s a little dated, but it’s pretty accurate.


[quote=" Anyone know of any photos/drawings showing which functions are mapped to which buttons?[/quote]
if you go to the file browser section you will see a post for the xml files. If you download these they will have a PDF files which shows which functions go with which buttons. the link is below.


That should help you out.

I am not sure if the stick you have, has a twist or not, but if it does, be sure to set the twist up as the yaw(left/right movement) and the left right movement of the stick as the roll. This is the more traditional flight set up (and actually how actual aircraft work) and it is the standard use in ADI. SC puts the yaw on the left/right movement and the roll assigned to the twist which is backwards from how it should work.

I think looking at the PDFs will help you to come up with a good set up for your stick. Also, feel free to hit me up on mumble if you need to.


Thanks! Yeah my joystick has the twist ability and I was really surprised when I noticed SC using that for roll instead of yaw. Really threw me off. In fact, I just figured it was detecting my joystick axis incorrectly. Wow, I’m surprised that was actually on purpose.

SC’s default setup is very fighter-centric, and so are the profiles you’ve linked to. That does make sense given that in a fight those are the most important commands. I guess I thought that since my Aurora doesn’t have more than 1 group of weapons to fire I have extra buttons to re-assign and I was hoping someone had a good idea what to do with them.

In other words, for someone who is mostly going to be running from a fight, what are the most important functions? Trigger will always be fire, and targeting is still important, but maybe some other buttons could be used to make maneuvering or defense easier…

On the other hand, I won’t be flying an Aurora forever and so I don’t want to customize my buttons too much.

What may work for you is to get your basic setup as close to the standards that stick will allow. Be sure to export that once your satisfied. Then see where the game goes from there, discuss with your fellow Division mates to see what all is happening and what may or may not work. As you develop a more robust set up for that stick, you can save that with a different name. That way you will always have the base standard to go back to if things go the wrong way. I would still encourage you to hold true as much as possible to the standard concept as you never know what you will be doing a year from now, who knows you may want to be a protection pilot.

The other thing to keep in mind too is that as patches come out, sometimes they will make some serious changes, which in turn will cause us to have to rebuild the XML files. Unfortunately that is just the nature of the beast for now