Back and got a VKB Gladiator Pro II

Ok, straight to the core of it:

Hey guys, I am back and this time around I will Play a more active role:

Got a rig capable of running sc - has some heat Problems right now cause a bought a stupid case that Kind of doesnt let air move in… the solution for that is sitting at home, only Need to install the watercooling.

Main reason I didn’t fly much the last year was that i couldn’t find a flight stick to my liking.

I have just managed to grab a VKB Gladiator Pro II plus their Mk iV t-rudder pedals. This should Tide me over nicely until I can aquire a pair of their gunfighter sticks with the new grips that are currently under development.

I’ll Report how i like the Equipment - just got it from the mail, Looks sturdy and well built. Could use some more Buttons, but that’s not a Problem right now.

Hope I get everything done pretty soon, so I can join you all in the verse.