Awesome Star Citizen war games last night at Kareah

We had a friendly war game with 12 players from ADI teamed up at Security Post Kareah against 12 players from an intense well organized org called ACES HIGH ~ UP WITH THE IRONS!, a guild well known for being one of the top fighting orgs in the game with most of their members having full flight rigs, pedals and the best Hotas’s, training, etc.

We not only held our own but did slightly better than them, with us breaching them faster with the objective being capture the center room before the server crashed with us holding it. Blaze11 did a great job leading/organizing and breaching while the flight team fought very well and valiantly outnumbered. Intense Air and FPS battles took place for over 4 hours with us just edging them out.

That was the most fun I have had since I started playing Star Citizen and it was all sandbox. Just thought it should be mentioned since everyone did so well and the training paid off.

It was a blast. Literally. We just forgot to offer our blood sacrifices to the server gods.

Sounds like an awesome experience, and a sign of time to come. ACES HIGH are a good bunch - would love to have had footage of that to whip a little video together, next time haha :wink: