AverageHermit Introduction

Hello all,

          Not really much of a talker, but I enjoy helping where i can. Never really participated in a large org so patience is appreciated while i learn. FFXIV is really the only other multiplayer game i play but i also play total war war hammer occasionally. If you need something feel free to contact me.

Welcome to the family, Hermit. Glad to meet you!


Hey AverageHermit,

Welcome to ADI, I’m glad you are here. I was just talking to another member who plays FFXIV too, so you’re not alone here. What career paths interest you in Star Citizen? PM me if you need any assistance. See you out there…

Hi AverageHermit,

Feel free to hop on mumble while you’re playing solo, you’d be surprised who may be online that’s interested in playing with you, if you want. Best wishes to you and hopefully I’ll see you around in game.

Hello AverageHermit,

We are very happy to have you with us. Don’t worry about pressure or the like. There is plenty of time to get familiar with the org, the people and how we do things. This is a friendly place and we work together.

If there is anything you wonder about just ask. We like to help.

And yeah, warmly welcome.

Welcome to ADI. See you in the verse.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries AverageHermit!

Hello AverageHermit

welcome to ADI.
Same for you, if you have any questions about us or the game, feel free to contact us or join us in discord and mumble.
See you soon around here and the verse.