They reworked the Avenger…

:laughing: Daym son! Gotzta get me wun of those!


See; nothing can stop it as it moves to intercept! :smiley:

Brb scrapping mine

I love mine. She’s a little slow pulling the nose up trying to track a target, but I probably need to just keep an eye on my speed. Thrusters can handle the momentum. Love the power of the weapons and the missles

Waiting for the Sabre to become flyble, if it’s capable I’ll upgrade my remaining Avenger to a second Sabre. I do however really enjoy flying my Avenger currently, very capable fighter.

Here’s the official training sim.


Linux users might get it.

I’m a fan of the Avenger & it’s potential utility.

Regular Penguin

Penguin with 3 Tarantula GT-870s

It’s scary good.

Until your ammo runs out. Then it’s just a butter knife.

I have yet to run out of ammo. one of the following always happens first:

  1. You kill all the badguys, and if necessary, get more ammo at cry-astro
  2. you get killed
  3. SC crashes.

300 rounds of ammo per gun doesn’t sound like much. But with gimbal lock on, you hit with 3 shot per pull. Doesn’t take many squeezes of the trigger.

Of course none of it really matters at this point. Damage tables, armor, shields, etc are all going to be adjusted for the foreseeable future, and todays FOTM is likely to be tomorrows POS.
Right now i’m just farm REC with it.

That’s the spirit!! Farm, Farm, Farm… just like any other MMO.

Kinda diggin’ the Sucker Punch myself. Disabling ships and causing them to either float out of bounds or smash into an asteroid seem to work well. If nothing else, it sure is entertaining.