Avegant Glyph


I have posted this in the discussion forums on the RSI Site and have not had any thoughts from there, then I remembered that ADI is full of very smart people so I should post this here as well. See if I can get any thoughts from you.

I happen to have a founders edition of the Avegant Glyph avegant.com/. As a result I am wondering 2 things:

First how do you run the game in 3D mode? I don’t have an oculus rift or an HTC vive but I am guessing there is a way that you can make the run on a 3D split screen? I have looked around in the in game menus and haven’t seen a button that says “3D mode” Or “VR” or something else that jumps out at me.

The second thing is that in theory the Glyph has accelerometer or some sort of head tracking. That information would be going through HTMI. At the moment I fly with mouse and Keyboard, I was wondering if there was a way that I could switch free look to always be on when I am flying with the head gear while maintaining control of the ship with mouse and keyboard.


Hey Bunitj, currently afaik there are no ingame options for vr/steroscopic/retina projection.
Surpport for main stream VR systems will be coming in the future, just not yet (as CR would say). Built in support for more edge/lesser known VR systems is very highly unlikely.

You might be lucky and the producers of your hardware set may have a work around with their own software or maybe something on a driver level, search their forums see if anyone working with the device has come up with something.

As for the head tracking, that should work, there is no reason it wouldn’t. I’m hesitant to give instructions on how to do it as I don’t own your particular device…but If you can have the accelerometer picked up as a x-y-z input on software such as Virtual Joystick then all you would need to do after that is bind joystick/Hotas 1 in Starcitizen to only have the x-y (updown,left/right) as free look inputs and it should work.

Side note I’ve always been interested in when retina projection would trickle down to consumer level gear.
I rember this from ages ago, youtube.com/watch?v=9I0hF0cbw8E - I’d be interested to see where avegant glyph and google glasses goes from here :smiley: