Avandra: Two Singles From My Upcoming Album! [ProgMetal]

Hey guys. Been forever since I’ve been able to join you guys for anything (remember having a few awesome convos with ObZen), but that’s cause I’ve been busy with the university (doing my masters and it’s killing me) and recording this album. Here are two singles from an album I’ll be releasing in early March:

avandra.bandcamp.com/track/thre … ction-demo

avandra.bandcamp.com/track/ubiq … ction-demo

Hope you guys enjoy!

Wow! Nice demos. Make sure and remind us when the album is released.

I like them. I’ve gotten into a couple progressive rock groups like Haken and yours defintely follows that sound. Can’t wait to hear the final version.

Really well produced, nice mixing - sounds good man

cool stuff,
Perhaps a theme song for ADI and each Division?
Whishfull thinking I know … but one can ask…

I think it sounds pretty dam good.

Nice playing man, I play prog guitar myself (big big big Symphony X fan here, as well as Ayreon). Very nice sound and again, really nice playing. Respect for that!

Wow. I realy like it very nice indeed :smiley: