Audio jacks not reconciling headphones

Hey ADI,

So I’ve recently installed a few SSD’s and a 2nd graphics card for AMD crossfire. After installing I can’t get the audio to work. I’ve updated all the drivers as well as revert to the hardware I had before upgrade. I can’t seem to get it to work. Any suggestions

Can you manage to get onto mumble so somebody can team viewer into your PC and give you a hand?

Might be a good idea to arrange a time here so that one of us who knows this stuff can take a look.

You should also give us some details as to what your plugging in and where, what sort of audio you have (onboard sound or separate sound card), and if you have the software for the sound installed, if that software is giving any errors or showing what is plugged in, and making sure the plugs are set right in the software.

Also if your plugging into the front of the computer I would check the cable that runs from that area to where it connects to the motherboard to make sure its properly connected and the plug(s) seated. You may have knocked the cable out of the plug when installing the other stuff