asus laptop hard drive crash

this will just be a shot in the dark
asus g751jt laptop froze up and now goes straight to bios
the f8 key does nada try to reboot from usb but nada again it has bios only showing 1 hd but it should show 2 ssd plus 1 more hd
so i am assuming the hard drive is fried . any hints / tips or so sorry sh^^ out of luck ideas for me thanks

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When one of my hard drives failed, I just reinstalled Windows on the other one.

You may want to open it up and ensure that all connections are secure. With luck, it is something as simple as that. If not, swap the drives around and see if the assumed dead one pops up.

I hope you backed up your data. If your drive is newer it might be under warranty and you can get it replaced (probably wont cover data but idk) Drives fail all the time, please back up your data.

Newegg had a sale on SSD’s , I’m sure they will again soon. But you can probably pick one up real cheap.

If you don’t have a way to actually test the drive, removed the “bad” drives and connect them to another computer and see if they work. It could be the SATA port or mobo also, you never know until you test it out. Hopefully its just the drive.

What do you mean when you say “It goes straight to bios”? Seems odd it would get there without the user interrupting the boot process. Normally if your boot device kicked the bucket, you would get a “no bootable device” error. Is your PC successfully posting? Any odd beeps/noises upon power being applied? (I apologize if I seem a bit short. Used to running helpdesk.)

goes to blue screen, hear the cd cycle then bios opens. taking it into the shop today

Good luck, man. Hope all turns out okay,

If it doesn’t even boot from USB, it sounds like there is another issue. Try to clear your cmos and see if that helps. Also disconnect all drives and see if you can then boot from usb.

still under warranty don’t want to pop it open on my own

In some cases, I’ve had BIOS settings be lost whenever disconnecting A/C power, usually due to a battery problem. I would then reset BIOS to defaults and methodically go through all the settings to ensure everything is as it should be (all USB ports enabled, SATA ports enabled, etc).

Another thing that could have happened as a result of changed BIOS settings is the SATA mode. For example if the OS was installed while in ACHI mode, change the it to ATA or similar and the drive will not boot. Change the setting back and the drive will boot. The exact terminology varies, but the principle is the same.

Regarding booting from USB, on some laptops/tablets I have to enable “Legacy USB” or similar setting in BIOS for USB booting to work. I have some Samsung tablets at work running Win 7 that when BIOS settings are reset to defaults, this is turned off.


it was the ssd that was fried so had to buy a new one and windows (otherswise would have been stuck in Denver for days) they installed for free (aurora, Colorado best buy) but have to re down load SC will probably take days sigghhh

was a sandisk that fired only had it for a little over 6 months

Sorry to hear that, man. Glad they were able to get it fixed for you, though.

Please tell me you are also going to buy a CHEAP HDD and make a backup. Its like $50 to save all that headache.

got a 65g flash drive I can use but always forget to do it

This means your cmos battery is dead - replace it