Hey guys, I’m AstronautG117

What attracted me to this org was the emphasis on life coming first. I’m excited to take my role seriously but also being comfortable knowing that people understand that life happens.


Yes, we are definitely stress life comes first in this org! Welcome to ADI! If you ever have any questions or are looking to fly a ship you don’t have feel free to ask around! Everyone here is really friendly and someone is bound to have the ship you’re interested in to let you test fly! Can’t wait to see you in the verse!

As a college student, I absolutely agree. That for one attracted me to this organisation a while back because I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to be active due to my studies.
The very essence though taking responsibilities in this game attracted me to it as well. So, because the org maintains multiple roles for each division, exemplified that whole concept. The idea you could live a “life” out realistically hooked me. Thus here I am awaiting for when the entire game is finished riding along with ADI.

I wanted to express myself, and welcome you to ADI. I hope you enjoy your stay with us, and feel free to hangout with anyone out in the persistent universe, or when we are online. :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI AstronautG117 this is a great place to play we are very active in the game and are ready for what will be coming in Star Citizen’s future. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message i will see you around

Welcome aboard AstronautG117 glad to have you with us! I look forward to flying with you soon, take care!

Hello AstronautG117 and welcome to ADI! Glad to have you! What type of game play most interests you? If you have any questions about SC or ADI please don’t hesitate to make them known. You’re welcome to PM me here or in Discord any time. Welcome to the team!

Hi AstronautG117,

Welcome aboard and looking forward to fly with you in this great game. See you soon on mumble.

Bye changenl

Welcome to ADI,

Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.

I hope to see you in the PU mate. :slight_smile: