I have played many mmo’s, actually too many to recount. I guess from EQ, EVE to alpha in Crowfall and everything in between. I’m not too chatty and like to play support roles. Healers, buff/debuff, harassers and so on. From the web page, I like the idea of the mining and salvage / mission support divisions. I like crewing ships as well.

Welcome aboard Ashmac! you’ve come to the right place, don’t be shy, get on Mumble with us and get the hang of doing cargo some runs in the PU to build up your bank account in the mean time until the Mining/Salvage OPS get turned on in a future build, if you need any help or have any questions, any one of us here will be glad to help!, see you in the Verse’

Hi AshMac,

Welcome to ADI! I’m also kinda interested in how mining will work out. Looks like we might get it in the PU this year. Do you already have a Mining ship?

Welcome to ADI; we’re glad to have you AshMac! I am interested in learning a few basics about mining and salvage as well, could definitely be a good way to make some money, and that division will be incredibly important to ADI as a whole. Welcome to the team, if you have any questions about ADI or SC please let us know. You’re welcome to PM me if you like, here or on Discord.

Welcome AshMac,

Great that you joined us. Loads of experience you bring that is nice. Support role I play a lot in BF1 and often underestimated.
Catch you soon on mumble.

Bye changenl

hey and welcome nice to have you here and yea im a big mmo fan to and played a bunch of support roles in mmos to :slight_smile:

Welcome AshMac!

Hope to see you soon, M&S is a great place to be and we’re expecting a lot of great missions to come out as the game continues to develop!

ooh, Eve! Do tell your stories sometime in mumble of your adventures in that game. I keep hearing a lot of lore.

Welcome to ADI! feel free to join us in the PU whenever :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI

I am glad that you’ve joined our ranks. A fellow crewmen! Good to see someone else the enjoys being shotgun rather then flying.

See you in The Verse :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI AshMac, we will need good men to support the missions that we go on to keep us alive and the ships running. I think that the mining is one of the most anticipated things they plan on adding this year. I will see you around.

Hey Ash! It’s great to have you! Don’t worry about not being too chatting, plenty of people tend to be quiet, as long as you can speak when you need to that’s all that really matters! Hope to see you in the verse!

AshMac Welcome.